ITACO offers a wide range of services such as Roadside Assistance, Travel Assistance, Vehicle Replacement, Home Assistance, Emergency Evacuation, Vehicle Survey Reports and other added-value services as well as tailor-made products to fulfil the needs of your clients.
With our products, your customers can have peace of mind 24X7 wherever they are around the world.


Some of roadside assistance covers:

Towing in case of breakdown.
Towing in case of accident.
Vehicle Replacement.
Unlocking the vehicle.
Battery jump start.
Fuel delivery.
Flat tire replacement.
Hotel accommodation abroad.
Repatriation of the vehicle and its occupants.
Other services.

Vehicle Replacement

Finding yourself without your vehicle due to a breakdown or accident can be a big hassle if you do not have another vehicle.

With ITACO car replacement programs you will always have a vehicle at your disposal.

Standard packages;
Five days vehicle replacement.
Eight days vehicle replacement.
Ten days vehicle replacement.


Having a water leak at home, or an electrical problem in the heat of the summer, can immediately trigger a “what will I do now??....”

With ITACO, our home assistance network is available 24x7 to serve your clients.

Services covered

 Plumbing services

 Glazing services.

 Electrical services

 Locksmith services


ITACO provides comprehensive travel assistance products covering your clients in case of sudden illness or injury while travelling abroad. This product meets the needs of multiple types of travellers, expatriates, and nationals.


You already provide your customers travel or personal accident insurance coverage and need to complement or supplement your existing covers?
ITACO medical evacuation and repatriation plans is the solution. With ITACO medical evacuation coverage, you can have your customers transported home or to the hospital of your choice.


ITACO has in place the necessary set up and tools to provide a photographic/video report on the status of a vehicle when a customer with an expired motor insurance policy wants to renew it and cannot drive the vehicle to any of the insurance offices.
It also applies when a customer wishes to upgrade his existing insurance cover from TPL to Comprehensive.
With ITACO VSR we give you the elements to assess customer’s request and allows you to take a decision based on facts regarding the status of a vehicle.


First Notification of Loss
Motor Claims Handling
Vehicle Damages Report
Luggage Assistance .
Legal Assistance
Call Centre - CRM
Value-added services